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Let’s redefine power plant

When it comes to planning for long-term electricity needs, power plants are always part of the conversation. The reality is that most power plants come with a significant upfront cost and long-term environmental impacts, no matter the efforts to mitigate those impacts.

But what if we were to style a new kind of power plant, one for the 21st century? Call it a Yukon conservation power plant, if you will. It’s driven by the everyday decisions of individual Yukoners, and our combined efforts wield real power.

The issue of Yukon’s electricity supply and demand is bigger than any one of us. So the answer must be, too. Our human-charged power plant becomes a real force when we recognize Yukon’s electricity future is a shared responsibility, and that our personal contribution matters to the greater good.

Why inCharge?

inCharge exists to put some power back in your hands. Yukon’s two electrical utilities have come together to create the territory-wide inCharge program, offering electricity-saving rebates and incentives, Yukon-based research, practical tools and simple tips. The goal? To help Yukoners conserve electricity and take charge of their personal consumption and — through the power of many — Yukon’s consumption as a whole.

When you’re in charge of your electricity conservation, you increase your comfort and save on your pocketbook. When we all take simple steps to conserve electricity, power starts to build.

Together, we have power.

Energy Partners

We’re not alone in our energy conservation efforts. Check out what others in the territory are doing.

For information about rebates for ENERGY STAR® certified appliances, energy audits, and other energy conservation incentives and programs, visit the Yukon government's Energy Solutions Centre.

You can get other energy tips and information from the Yukon Housing Corporation.