InCharge Yukon

Live better

Why conserve electricity? Because it brings good things your way.

Good things come to those inCharge

We all know electricity conservation is good for the environment. With every simple conservation choice we make, we save more of Yukon’s resources for the future.

What you may not realize is that it’s good for you, too. Want more money in your pocket? inCharge is your best friend. Looking for quality? Comfort? Convenience? InCharge can help you with that. Electricity conservation makes your life better — in real, everyday ways.

It's money in your pocket

Conserve to save

It’s this simple: when you overuse, you overpay. Daily habits — things you may not even think about — are potentially costing you a lot. The good news? It’s easy to change all that. Simple actions lead to big savings.

Take a five minute shower instead of a 10minute one.

Wash your clothes in cold water.

Flip off the light when you leave a room.

Bottom line: when you use less electricity, your monthly bill goes down. That’s money in your pocket.

The right product pays

The price tag may look like it’s going to cost you more, but it will actually pay you more. The right products pay for themselves in just a few years, and then start paying it forward. How? The quality and durability reduce your replacement and repair costs. Plus, using ENERGY STAR® certified appliances can save you up to 30 percent on your next bill. LEDs use up to 80 percent less electricity than your old incandescent light bulbs. That’s a lot of percentages … that pay.

Bonus: inCharge rebates put cash back in your pocket, just for buying some of the best products on the market.

It's comfort and convenience

Improve your comfort

You might not see it, but you can feel it: energy efficiency improves quality of life. Want to enjoy comfortable indoor temps? A well-insulated home keeps the inside cool in summer, warm in winter. Want to breathe fresh air in your home? A heat recovery ventilator (HRV) brings fresh air into your home without letting the heat escape. With energy-efficient products, the comforts are built right in. 

Enjoy greater convenience

People often overlook the convenience factor when it comes to energy-efficient products. But think about it.  Using LED lights (which can last up to 25 years) means you rarely need to change your bulbs. That’s electricity conservation making your life easier. Smart power bars, block heater timers, smart thermostats are all energy-efficient innovations. But more than that, they save you time and effort in your day-to-day life. You aren’t sacrificing when you choose energy efficiency. You’re gaining.

It’s good for Yukon

A place worth preserving

When we think of our future, most of us picture ourselves in the Yukon — because there is no better place to live. When we look at our kids, we picture them eventually coming back home, because, why would they want to raise their families anywhere else? After all, our vision of a future Yukon is as pristine and natural as it is today.

We have good reason to be positive. Unlike many places that rely heavily on fossil fuels for their electricity needs, Yukon's electrical utilities generate 95 percent or more of their power using renewable sources including hydro, wind, and solar. We’re on a good path, but there are challenges. The territory isn't connected to the North American electricity grid, so we must produce all of our own power. Our challenge, then, is how to leave the same Yukon for our grandkids as the one we enjoy today. The sooner we start, the better.

It begins with making a simple choice: I won’t use more than I need today. The next steps are equally simple. I’ll take a five-minute shower instead of a 10. I’ll hang my laundry to dry. I’ll use an LED instead of an incandescent light. With every step we take to conserve electricity, we envision tomorrow’s Yukon.

And it looks just as we imagined.