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Top Tips

  • Save Money
  • Live Better

Switch your home or business lighting from incandescent bulbs to ENERGY STAR® certified LEDs

  • LEDs use up to 80 percent less energy and last up to 25 times longer than regular lighting. They usually come with a three-year warranty, triple the industry standard (so keep your receipts!)
  • The average Yukon home has over 25 bulbs, and Yukoners spend about $135 a year for lighting. By switching from the old incandescent bulbs to LEDs, you could save as much as $100/year. 
  • LEDs are ideal for hard-to-reach fixtures because they don’t need to be replaced frequently.
  • They don't get hot, they're durable and don’t contain mercury or lead.
  • LEDs are great lights to live by:
    • achieve full brightness immediately
    • most are dimmable
    • suitable for a variety of locations and fixtures
    • available in many different colours, sizes and shapes
    • perform well in Yukon’s cold temperatures

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Choose LED holiday lights

  • Holiday LED lights use up to 90 percent less electricity and last up to 10 times longer than traditional incandescent holiday lights. The same LED string could still be in use 40 Christmases from now.
  • LED holiday lights offer quality and convenience:
    • Safer: LEDs are much cooler than incandescent lights, reducing the risk of fire or burnt fingers.
    • Sturdier: LEDs are made with epoxy lenses, not glass, and are much more resistant to breakage.
    • Easier to Install: Up to 25 strings of LEDs can be connected end-to-end without overloading a wall socket.
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